Transforming our Heritage

Braemar Castle has been a distinctive feature of the landscape for almost 400 years and a witness to dramatic events throughout its history. Since 2007, it has thrived as a visitor attraction under the capable management of the local community.

Now, as the Castle shows signs of its age, the community is delivering a new £1.6m vision to conserve the Castle, re-develop its grounds and take it out into the community through to an ambitious and far-reaching programme for learning and engagement.

Help Us Fly The Flag

Our fundraising campaign is already well-advanced. With support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and other statutory funders, the foundations are in place. Gifts from other generous donors, locally and nationwide, have ensured that our campaign for £600,000 from individuals, trusts and companies is well underway. With the project starting in autumn 2021 and running to 2023, we invite everyone who recognises the many benefits that it will bring to join us by contributing to the campaign.

Our Aim

Our aim is to realise the Castle’s economic and educational potential and make it an attractive destination and a productive resource for Braemar and the entire region. This £1.6m vision will create a prominent visitor attraction and deliver in Braemar and across the region a bold, creative and far-reaching programme of community engagement and learning.

Help Us Raise the Standard


The Project and its Impact

A castle re-development project might normally be expected to start and end with the conservation of a historic property. What makes Raising the Standard distinctive is that the need for remedial works on Braemar Castle has been simply the catalyst for the most ambitious re-imagining not just of what the Castle is but what it can do to create broader benefit for all.


Raising the standard is gradual process. The first few pulls on the cord can be hard work. Then it slips through the fingers more easily. Sometimes from the ground, looking up, it looks like the standard is closer than it really is to the top of the flag staff.

Raising funds is like raising a flag: the job is never complete until the last pull on the halyard. So it is that we need every last act of generosity to reach our goal.



Barrack Trust
William Grant Foundation
Cadogan Charity
Tay Charitable Trust
Crerar Trust
Wolfson Foundation
Hugh Fraser Foundation
Pilgrim Trust
New Park Educational Trust
Pilgrim Trust
Garfield Weston Foundation
Postcode Trust
Murdoch Forrest Charitable Trust

Donation Methods

Gift Aid Donation

Cash Donation

Gift of shares

Bank transfer

We are very grateful to all our partners and funders who are supporting the project and its objectives.

What's On

Watch this space!

The Castle is now closed to the public as contractors start their 18 month capital works improvement programme.
Activities and events linked to these major works are scheduled for 2022 and beyond.
Keep watching this space for future information.

Recent News

Virtual Castle

Closing the distance between the castle and visitors - take a tour, sign up for the events and meet the people behind the castle walls. Whether you are at home or abroad we invite you to enjoy everything we have on offer.

Clan and Castle History

The colourful characters of Braemar Castle’s past have ‘Raised the Standard’ by enriching its history and elevating its importance within Scotland’s heritage today.

From considering the figures from the Black Colonel to Cpt Alwyne Farquharson, we get to witness the impact of ambition, loyalty, strength and intellect within the walls of the castle.



The Black Colonel



Colonel Anne



Catherine Farquharson



Lt Col James Ross Farquharson



Frances Farquharson



Captain Alwyne A. C. Farquharson